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Like every young girl she has the developing awareness of the uniqueness of herself but inability to identify with appropriate roles in life. She aspires to become a doctor when she grows up, but is hesitant as she does not have the appropriate financial. Manisha is a fun loving and hard-working young girl. She is focused towards her studies and performs well in all the subjects. Besides academics, she also enjoys participating in extra-curricular activities. Moreover she is well disciplined, obedient and sincere regarding her academics. She shows keen interest in English and Computer. Manisha has always been a ranker holder in class. She is also known to be a confident speaker in class. Currently she is a class IX student; her concentration on academics is quite remarkable, though. Even her teachers are impressed by her dedication, and hope to see her do well. Literacy India supports her in whatever way it can and hopes to see her achieve her goals.Manisha and her family reside in Delhi, which has a developing infrastructure and is fortunately a better place to live, in comparison to harsh slum dwellings. Manisha originally belongs to a rural area in Uttaranchal and her parents migrated to Delhi with their children, with the desire of thriving here as the scope of employment opportunities is better. She has one sister and one brother, who studies in Village. They reside in the same house, where their Father works as a guard. They manage the household on an income of closely Rs 8000 per month, which is a very difficult task for them because of the education of Manisha and two other siblings.