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Rukasar is 13 years old and has been at Literacy India for the last 2 years. Her family moved to this area 15 years ago and Rukasar previously attended a government school in Krishna Chowk for four years before joining Literacy India.Because of her limited previous education, Rukasar struggles somewhat academically. She is a quite weak in both SST and English, and although her Hindi standards are reasonable, she doesn’t enjoy this subject much. She takes more enjoyment from learning English and although her results are poor, she has recently started to take part in a new remedial class after school with Elizabeth ma’am.

Rukasar comes from a large family of six children. Of her three sisters, two are in there twenties and already married to their husbands who work in a jewellery shop and a factory. Her elder brother is also married and works as a driver.

Although Rukasar’s 8 year old brother Jamil is also studying in Literacy India, her other sister is 15 and already working in a candle factory alongside their mother. She did not go to school.

Whilst it’s promising that the two youngest children are both attending school, there is still a lot of focus on work in the Ahmed family which is required in order to keep the family supported. Rukasar’s sister and mother both work long days in the candle factory as does her father who has his own tailor’s shop.

Although Rukasar does have time to take extra classes immediately after school and is also able to study at home on weekends, there is a possibility she would need to take on work at a young age that will distract from her studies or prevent her from progressing further in education at all.