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Savita is 9 years old and not doing well in school. Her academic studies are a constant up hill struggle. She loves coking to school and has 100% attendance but has difficulty understanding basic instructions, or admitting when she has a problem. Her written work is very slow and she labour’s over even the simplest of copying tasks. Her teacher works hard to make sure she is given additional one on one instructions, and has set up extra classes to try and make sure she does not fall further behind than she already is.

She receives little help at home as her parents both work long hours, her father as a gardener and her mother as a house maid. They are not very well educated themselves and in low income jobs, so giving support with academic studies isn’t easy for them.

Her brother, who is 12, tries to help her with her favourite subject, English. He helps her to read a poem, ‘Brush, Brush, Brush’ from her English text book, but even with this extra practise she finds school hard work. In the future she hopes to become a tailor as she likes the look and texture of new fabric. Her brother is also trying to teach her basic stitching, with the help of their neighbour who works as a tailor. She hopes this will give her a head start in the future if she continues to find school, so hard.