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Sumit has been a student of Literacy India for 3 years and currently studies in class 3. His family has migrated from Bihar and is living in Ganga Vihar. Sumit has a younger brother Avneet who is also a student of this school and they live in a one room house in Ganga Vihar.

Sumit is one of those children who are extremely creative, think out of the box and have a certain knack for logic and problem solving. He has a talent for math but he has always struggled with language and so is easily distracted and finds it hard to concentrate on tasks for an extended period of time which in turn is holding him back in class. Sumit has always been a shy kid. His eccentric mannerisms made him an easy target for bullies. Sumit’s silent demeanor and introverted personality kept him struggling to find his own in an extroverted school environment but he has come a long way and is slowly finding confidence to participate in school activities.

Sumit has had a difficult childhood. His family has constantly struggled to pay medical bills and keep good health for its members. When he was younger, Sumit had an elder brother who suffered from a heart condition. After spending lakhs on various surgeries, doctors gave the family good news and told them to take their son home. Unfortunately he became sick again and passed away within months of being discharged. His death affected Sumit emotionally and his mother has expressed how reserved and withdrawn he became after the incident. Sumit’s mother is the sole bread earner of the family and currently works in an export fabric factory in Udyog Vihar Gurgaon. Her husband has suffered from a serious liver condition for the past 8 years and hasn’t been fit enough to hold a job. Sumit himself has a fragile health. He quit Literacy India for a couple of months and joined a government school because of his inability to walk daily to school. After being extremely dissatisfied and unhappy with education in that school, his mother approached school with their case. After an analysis of their financial situation and taking into account all their health concerns, Sumit was readmitted and was given bus facilities. He is now happy and healthy, attending school regularly.

After being readmitted, Sumit was taken to a specialist to evaluate his attention deficient tendencies. The doctor informed his teachers that Sumit struggled in school because of his shyness and he used distractions to stay out of social situations. Being aware of his needs, his teachers have now focused on easing him into tasks that require working with a group while empowering him to have the independence to work on his own when needed. His work has been constantly improving and he has slowly started speaking in front of his class mates, even volunteering to do so a few times.