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Story of Change: Vidyapeeth

tula Aditya

1) Meet Aditya, one of our Vidyapeeth Student

Aditya has a love of history and historical figures. He likes the historical figures who really believe in themselves and never give up. In a recent written English assessment he named MaharanaPratap as one of his favourite historic figures, admiring him for his fearless nature, and the way he protected people. Aditya was recently featured in the local newspapers for his above average IQ. He has been selected, along with two other classmates from Literacy India, by Indian Mensa to receive academic mentoring. This will ensure he has the opportunity to meet his full potential, pursuing his loves of History, English and Chess.

His family are immensely proud of his latest achievement and have great hope for him in the future. Originally from Basti in Uttar Pradesh, his father moved them to Gurgaon with the hope of creating a better future. He now works long hours in a factory making sim cards for mobile phones. He is on a low wage and has to support himself, his wife and their two children, Aditya and his younger sister who is in class 6 at Literacy India.

His mother has struggled to find work in the past. She fractured her leg as a child and often has difficulty walking, meaning it has not always been easy for her to prove herself in a job. But thanks to Literacy India she is now also able to contribute to the family’s earnings. She has become a part of the team in the craft centre, which also fits into family life so she can still take care of her children.