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tula Babita

2) Babita our theatre artist with High IQ

Babita, like many children at Literacy India comes from a humble background. Her family; mother, father, a sister and one brother, are from a hillside village in Uttranchal, and moved to Palam Vihar when she was 5. Her father is a cook for a family earning 7,000 INR each month to support the whole family.

They live in a small room in the house where her father is the cook. There is a garden where Babita likes to spend the evenings playing with her dog Jackie. She also likes to draw, but her real love is dance and theatre. She has been very successful performing in a number of different plays at Literacy India, where students are trained by professional acting coaches. She would love to be an actress and dancer in Bollywood movies, but is also a dedicated and hard working student.

She realises her studies are important and enjoys each of her academic subjects, particularly English, stating that one of her favourite pastimes is reading English books. Top of her academic success is her selection by the Indian Chapter of Mensa International to receive additional mentoring and support as she has been identified as having a particularly high IQ for a student of her age. Her parents did not complete high school and her sister finished in the 8th grade. It is so important for her to continue with her studies and receive as much support as possible. Hopefully the links to Mensa with additional support will offer Babita new and unimaginable opportunities.