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tula Akshay

4) Humara Akshay

The one line that very aptly befits this child is “the kids that need the most love will ask for it in the most unloving ways”.Akshay is one of the most compassionate and kind hearted children around school, but it is “a choice he doesn’t make every single day.” ….and exactly this very statement is the reason all of us are here and putting our minds into this case.He is an extremely loving and closet emotional boy. He chooses not to display it during weak moments because he has grown up in an environment of poverty marred by domestic violence towards the one person he loves most- his mother.

This has led him to develop a defense mechanism wherein he is disruptive and listless, and not empathetic towards his contemporaries or other students in the school. He is rude, arrogant and impervious to their feelings. On the flipside, he is just the opposite towards his teachers and people he feels for, but is unable to articulate like every normal child would do. All of it comes off in random acts of love.

He has been in the school for 3 years, and is currently in the second grade. He has been an extremely naughty and kinesthetic kid right from the start, and continues to be so. He enjoys learning visually and through activities, since very recently because of the school management’s decision to seek professional pediatric help we learnt that he does have a learning disorder (case of mild dyslexia). This resolved a lot of complexities around his behavior inside classroom. Since he faces challenges every single minute, in terms of learning that other students so easily pick up, he chooses to be naughty and disruptive because normal classroom paced instructions are beyond his comprehension. Extra support is put into place for him during every single class so that this child can develop into a fantastic human being and realize his dream of serving our country through defense services.

Originally from Bihar, Akshay and his family moved to Palam Vihar, Gurgaon in search of better means of livelihood. Currently, his father works as a painter, while his mother is a house help, earning to support their four children, Akshay and his three elder sisters.