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tula Sadivya

5) Sadivya

Sadivya is a great example of a bright student doing very well at Literacy India. She has a positive and hardworking approach to her studies.

Sadivya is ten years old and lives close to the school in Bajghera with her mother, father and her eight year old sister, Naziya, who is in class 3A here at Literacy India. Her family are originally from Raachi but moved here before having a family, so Sadivya has only attended another school around Bajghera for a few weeks before moving to Literacy India around 5 years ago. Her father works in a small workshop that dyes clothes for a clothes manufacturer whilst her mother is a housewife.

Although her family lives just a short walk from school, Sadivya tends to wake up very early at around 3 or 4 AM, in order to carry out Muslim prayer with her mother. After this Sadivya will often spend the morning studying before heading to school.

At school Sadivya is a very able student. She has been in the English medium class for around three years, and English is one of her strongest and most enjoyable subjects along with Science. She needs no translator during our conversation in English and she ably tells me about her studies and hobbies. She tells me there isn’t a subject she particularly dislikes, and the fact that she is at the overall top of the class with her marks is evidence of her approach to school as whole.

Although Sadivya explains that “My favourite hobby is studying,” she is also keen to share her interests beyond her studies: She takes time to read the newspaper at school, she plays cricket with her neighbours on Sundays, often plays badminton with her sister, and she also describes the game of Carom Board to me.

Her extra tuition in a group with a nearby public school seems to really help her along in her development but it seems her overall attitude and work ethic is driving her forward very well at the age of ten. “If I get the opportunity, I want to become a doctor” she explains.