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Story of Change : Indha

LI helps Fulmoni shape her dreams and find her way out of extreme poverty


Fulmoni, lost her father at the tender age of four. After which, her family conditions became quite vulnerable.

Her mother, barely literate, was unable to find a sustainable job and had to take the sole responsibility of seven children on her shoulders. Fulmoni’s elder brother started working to provide financial support to his family. However, they still weren’t able to make ends meet as he lacked suitable qualifications to secure a well-paying job.

It was in 2015, that Fulmoni joined Literacy India’s non-profit vocational training program in tailoring, with the hope of paving a better future for herself as well as her family.

In her fourth month with LI, she’s learnt how to stitch various embroidery patterns such as ‘Hand of Fatima’ and different types of products like- bags, table runners, cushion covers etc.

Her journey with our organization has not only helped her develop new skills, but also motivated her to change her circumstances.

Resilient and tenacious, this 19 year old, now aspires to become a successful artisan, pursue her education, earn well and uplift her family out of abject poverty.

A struggling artisan finds success and thanks INDHA’s skill-development platform!


Bubuni’s journey as an artisan, started with various challenges and struggles. She had traditional embroidery skills, which weren’t marketable or in demand. To make matters worse, her financial circumstances at home, were also quite difficult. Her husband ran a small business, which did not garner sufficient profits and they couldn’t bear the expenses of educating their only son.

However, they say difficult times eventually lead to better days when we don’t lose hope.
Bubuni joined Literacy India’s vocational training program in tailoring and learnt contemporary embroidery and stitching techniques, free of cost. Moreover, she also learnt how to use a modern tailoring equipment adequately and with ease.

Consequently, she joined the INDHA unit at LI and started working as a regular artisan.

Her situation has improved, drastically. Today, she also receives orders from local boutiques and markets.

Of this positive change, Bubuni shares: ‘I feel self-sufficient and secure, now. My income, is invested in educating my son and on my family’s well- being. Thanks to LI for their immense support and help.’