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Gyantantra Digital Dost

What is Project Gyantantra Digital Dost

Gyantantra Digital Dost (GDD), developed by Literacy India, is a software based, self-paced, interactive multimedia learning process. It smartly blends classroom teaching and text books, it is embedded with cartoon characters and assessment modules and makes the entire learning process easy, effective and enjoyable. In order to ensure enjoyment and retention of the curriculum taught, especially to those deprived of education and not exposed to technology till now, the program has been designed to have various learning games that immediately grab the attention of these underprivileged and undereducated children. GDD covers important chapters of Hindi, English, Science, Math, and Environmental Sciences up to class five. The program also illustrates to the children in a simplified manner important issues of society such as HIV, sexual abuse, voting rights and opening of bank accounts.

Infact, in the last two years, the model has evolved after observing that both children and adolescents are extremely receptive to computer based learning, the level of attention being much higher vis-a-vis a classroom based approach.

Need for Gyantantra Digital Dost

In India, many children have foregone their education due to the need for survival. The many education initiatives that currently exist for the underprivileged lot are not completely meaningful and effective. They also do not prepare this unfortunate lot enough for the fast evolving, technologically emerging India.

The solution lies in a cutting-edge innovation and thinking as well as a high-impact, low cost and scalable solution. Having sensed this correctly and in order to tackle this issue, Literacy India (LI) developed Gyantantra Digital Dost.

Literacy India has not only taken on the task of creating awareness on the importance of education for underprivileged children and youth, but also raise the standard of education for these children. LI believes in innovative pedagogy in order to retain the children within the purview of education. LI has over 19 years of experience dealing with underprivileged and disadvantaged children and it has leveraged its knowledge via ICT (Information and Communications Technology) innovations to give Gyantantra Digital Dost, a comprehensive early grade learning program with several unique components.

Benefits of Gyantantra Digital Dost

  • It inculcates self-learning (less dependency on a teacher)
  • It is self-paced (allow child to progress as per his or her own aptitude)
  • Curriculum is holistic and well-structured
  • Being Multimedia and game-based, it makes learning fun and interesting, ensuring high attention and retention.
  • It discusses pertinent / relevant life-issues
  • It accelerates the learning process of underprivileged children (statistically proven)
  • It helps children operate computers and use technology and prepares them better for the digital age.


Success until now

The effectiveness of the GDD model is validated by the results of the first Six years:

  • 2000 out-of-school children have been successfully mainstreamed into age-appropriate classes
  • 8,000 school going children have shown dramatic improvement in learning levels
  • 10,000 older children have been able to achieve primary level learning and important life skills
  • 100% of the direct beneficiaries have achieved grade-appropriate reading level
  • GDD is able to keep the attention of the child and attrition levels of children from the course is 0%
  • Academic level enhancement of children as per respective age and class ratio is 70%


The beneficiaries of Literacy India have not only been able to live a life of dignity but students have also excelled in education, sports and performing and visual arts.

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